Friday, May 27th (Memorial Day Week)



All team assignments and schedules have been emailed to everyone. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your start times.

If you haven't received your team assigment and/or schedules, please contact us at: leagueoffice@gametimesportz.org



Everyone will enter the stadium at the North Rotunda on the North side of Ohio Stadium. The front of the stadium.


The kids, coaches and volunteers will check in upon entrance and will then head down to the fields to meet up with their teams.


All coaches MUST wear their assigned Red GameTime SportZ Coach Shirts to have field access. If you are a new coach, we will provide a coach shirt to you for the event.


All coaches and volunteers MUST be registered as so in our system to be provided field access. 



1) All kids MUST wear pocketless shorts. Preferably black.

2) Cleats. Football or scoccer cleats are fine. 

3) Please be sure that you bring your child's flag belts for the games.

If you are new to the league and have not received flag belts, we will have belts for the kids to borrow for their games. 

4) Only water bottles are allowed on the fields

5) All kids MUST wear a mouthpiece/mouthguard. We will have some for sale for $3.00 as the kids check in if you need to purchase one.

6) All kids will receive a "home" and "away" Game Day T Shirt so there is no need to wear jersey's. Just bring flag belts.



$10.00 per adult. Kids are FREE

Free re-entry is permitted. 



Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Staff are only allowed on the field. 

Exception: P Squad (3-4yr olds) parents ONLY will be allowed in the North Endzone while the kids play.



Suggested parking will be in the Tuttle Garage which is 5 minute walk to the stadium entrance. A parking fee will be charged upon exit of the garage. 



No coolers, food or beverages will be permitted into the stadium. ONLY water bottles.




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