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09 Jun 20
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Its Not Just You, Your Muscles Get Tired Too
Athletes from amateur to professional levels all experience muscle fatigue at some point. The people who tend to suffer the most however, are surprisingly those who are less active.
08 Jul 20
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Jet Ski Buyer's Guide: Everything You Should Know Before You Buy
Buying a jet ski is not only fun, it's exciting! A jet ski can provide you with years of fun, but if you don't know what to look for, you're in for a giant headache. This jet ski buyer's guide will provide everything you need to know before you buy. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just getting started, the following will be beneficial to you.
20 Aug 20
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Keep On Track with an Exercise Heart Rate Monitor
It is a known fact, as with dieting, that without motivation, most people who start out strong with an exercise program typically fall of the map within a few months. Often it's blamed on a busy schedule or stress when the truth normally is lack of visual results.
24 Aug 20
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Keep Your Favorite Outdoor Activities Safe
Everyone enjoys recreation. It's great to ride your bike, skateboard and do other fun stuff when the weather permits. But, all this fun has danger attached to it. The great thing is you can eliminate and prevent a lot of accidents by practicing basic safety precautions, no matter the type of sport or recreation your children want to be involved with.
19 Sep 20
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Keeping Your Eyes on the Future - As Important in Sports as in Life
Perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks in becoming successful is past regrets. This applies to sports, climbing, and life as a whole. Too many times we become so obsessed with all of the times in the past when we were unable to achieve our goals that we believe we are doomed to fail at anything we do.What actually happens is that we "program" ourselves to fail.
02 Oct 20
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Kickboxing for Sport and for Fitness
Kickboxing is a form of a sporting martial art which incorporates several other sports. It is closely linked to boxing which is a sport that makes use of only the arms and fists. The main difference lies in the fact that this martial art sport makes use of both the hands and the feet. It is likewise referred to as a full contact sport.
27 Oct 20
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Kitesurfing Safety Tips
Safety is a very necessary aspect of most sports, and even more so with some, like kiteboarding or kitesurfing as it is also called. It involves using a kite of between two and five metres in length to power surf across a plane of water.This is where the greatest danger comes in, a sudden burst of wind can lift you off the water and carry you away.
30 Oct 20
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Job Outlook for Physical Therapists
In recent years, the medical profession has become a very popular choice for many people looking for a financially stable and rewarding career. One area that has received a lot of attention is Physical Therapy. A physical therapist is a therapist who treats a physical injury or dysfunction through the use of rehabilitation treatments.
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