1) What are the Season Dates for NFL Flag Football?


Saturday Leagues (World Harvest Church)

Saturday, Aug 20th-Saturday, Oct 15th


Sunday Leagues (Carriage Place Park, Gahanna, Holland, Indiana and Woodbridge, VA)

Sunday, Aug 21st-Sunday, Oct 16th


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Friday, Aug 5th


2)    What times are the practices and games? 

All practices and games are held on Saturday’s for Saturday Leagues and Sunday afternoons for Sunday leagues. Practices are 30-60 minutes prior to each game and games last about 1 hour.

Total Weekend Time Commitment Each Week:

***P Squad (3-4yr olds)...1 Hour Click Here for P Squad Rules

Mini Mites (5-6yr olds)....30 Minute Practice...45 minute games

Mighty Mites (7-8/9yr olds)...45 Minute Practice....60 Minute Games

Ter Mites (9-10/11yr olds)...45 Minute Practice...60 Minute Games

Seniors (11-12/13yr olds)...60 Minute Practice...60 Minute Games

***P Sqaud (3-4 yr olds)...Instructional Division. Kids will practice the basics of flag football and play “Coach Ref” games. It is recommended that all “Advanced” 4yr olds, choose the “Play up” option during the registration process.


3)   Can I play with friends?

Yes. During the registration process one of the questions are “teammate request”. Place your friends/class mates name in this box and we will place you on the same team. We cannot guarantee placement. The earlier you register, the better chance you have to play with your buddy!

4)  Do you need coaches?

Yes. We are always looking for good people to coach our teams. You will also be able to coach your child’s team. All coaches are required to attend our certified coaches meeting and also conduct a background check with us. Total time commitments are simple and easy. Teams practice 1 hour before their games which also last about an hour. NO WEEKDAY PRACTICES!

5)  How many players on a team?

There are 7-10 players per team and there are NO tryouts! Everyone plays equally regardless of skill level. If you are requesting to play with a group of 10 kids, we will honor that request as long as the team has a Coach. 

6)   Does the league supply uniforms?

Yes. The league will supply a NFL Reversible Team Jersey, Belts & Flags. You will need to purchase black pocketless shorts or sweatpants, cleats and a mouthpiece.


7)   Who is eligible to play and what are the age brackets?

Boys and Girls ages 3-13 of all skill levels... Your child’s age as of Aug 1st, 2016

***Age brackets vary by league location

8)  How much playing time should my child expect? 

There are rules in place to make sure every child is treated equally and fairly. All coaches are instructed to play all kids equally and to play kids at all positions. Also, due to our maximum of 8 kids per team, this will also ensure adequate playing time and instruction for each child.

9)    I'm ready to sign up! How can I register my little athlete?

Registration Deadline: 

Friday, Aug 5th

For more information, please call 1-855-606-PLAY (7529) or email us at

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