League Philosophy
Our leagues are built with the goal of creating a positive sports experience for all participants. Our hope is that at the end of the season, all players will have had a positive experience, and will want to continue participating in sports programs.

With that goal in mind, we have created a recreational league where sportsmanship, fair play, and equal opportunity are as important as winning. We ask that our coaches foster a positive environment, and act as positive role models for the players entrusted to their direction.

All coaches must abide by the coach's code of conduct, which lays out the basic league wide guidelines which focus on our Kids F.I.R.S.T philosophy.

Easy Steps to Becoming a Coach with GameTime SportZ

During the registration process, you must select to "volunteer" as a coach. Once that is completed, we will send you information on coach meetings and background checks.

Register with USA FOOTBALL and receive FREE access to training videos and more.

Coaching with GameTime SportZ is VERY simple as ALL practices are held 30-60 minutes prior to your games each week. No weekday commitments. 


     Concussion Training

***ALL OHIO Coaches MUST take and pass the concussion training course

Click on image below to begin certfication.









     "Kids First" Coach Pledge


      Coach "Checkklist"


​     USA Football Coach Certification


    GameTime SportZ NFL Flag Football Rule Book & "Stat Sheets"

                    Click on "Rule Book" and "Stat Sheet"

 (5-13yr old) Rule Book

 (5-13yr old) Stat Sheets


    Playbook (5 vs 5 Play Examples)

  Starter Playbook

    Positive Coaching

 Here are some great resources on the benefits of positive coaching, and how to become a positive
Positive coaching Alliance: Free Coaching Tools

League Philosophy
Steps To Becomig a Coach
Sample Playbook
Concussion Certification
Background Checks
Kids FIRST "Coach Pledges"
Coach "Check List"

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