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July 4, 2020
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7 Ways to Not Get Burned Out on Rock Climbing

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Do you find yourself getting burned out on rock climbing? Year after year I see all kinds of people join our climbing community and become completely addicted to rock climbing. It doesnt take long though for a lot of these climbers to get burned out.

It is kinda strange they become so psyched and all of a sudden you stop seeing them around the gym and at the crag.

Well have much contemplation and application I have finally figured out how to stay totally psyched on climbing without ever getting burned out.

First what is it that burns rock climbers out?

The two biggest reasons that climbers get burned out are a lack of variety in their climbing and the fact that they never take a break from rock climbing.

So now that we understand that let me give you the 7 ways to not get burned out on rock climbing.

1. Climb with rock climbers that are motivating you and that you have fun with. It is essential that those you climb with motivate you and make climbing fun for you. Nothing is worse than climbing with someone that is constantly complaining and killing your psyche. I also find that I like to climb with people that like to joke around a lot. It makes it a lot more fun for me.

2. Get out of the darn gym. I know gym is great you have the project in there but a lot of people become burned out because they are gym rats. Get your butt out of the gym, get out in nature and climb outside. I do not care how far from the crag you are I used to have to drive 6+ hours one way to go climbing outside. Trust me just do it.

3. Take a road trip. Getting out to new areas can not only be motivating but a great time to meet new climbers from all over. One of the best things about road trips is the experience. When I lived in Florida road trips are what kept me sane as a climber. Oh and by the way you do not need to go to a different area every time but I recommend mixing it up.

4. Try different styles of climbing. A lot of the climbers that I see who are not psyched on climbing anymore were just boulderers or sport climbers. Mix up the styles of climbing try trad climbing, go bouldering, or go clip some bolts on a few sport routes. Whatever you do mix things up that way when you are not to psyched on bouldering you can just go trad climbing. Or if you need a change from trad climbing go sport climbing. I promise this will help a ton and that is why I do everything from bouldering, trad, sport, soloing, rope jumping and even buildering. It always gives me something to stay psyched on.

5. Take a break from climbing. I honestly think it is a really good idea to take at least 2-4 weeks of from climbing every year. Just take a break and do something else. This gives you a chance to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body. I like to keep my body in shape by still working out 3 days a week and running 2-3 days a week as well, but stop climbing.

6. Keep yourself motivated by setting goals for yourself. Find routes or boulder problems that inspire you and that you want to climb. Make sure the line and the movement inspires you as you will most likely be on it a lot and if you are not inspired you will not enjoy yourself. Having these goals give you great motivation and an awesome sense of accomplishment that cant be put in words.

7. Finally just have fun with your rock climbing. Rock climbing is meant to be fun dont be all serious about it. Remember why you climb and stay with that.
So the next time you start to feel like your getting burned out on rock climbing put any of these 7 tips into practice and I promise you will get more motivated on climbing almost instantly.


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