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May 4, 2020
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4 Reasons To Consider a Folding Bike

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Is your current bike more of a burden than a help? Do you find it difficult to store, awkward to transport and a hassle to deal with in the city? Perhaps it's time to get rid of that old albatross and consider an alternative kind of ride. Consider the following benefits of a folding bike the next time you need a new set of wheels.

1. Store it. The general benefit of a folding bike is that you can tuck it away when it's not in use. Folding bikes come in a wide range of sizes, but even the largest are more compact than a regular bike. If you live in a small apartment and lack storage space, you'll be amazed at how much more elbow room you have after you have folded up your bike and deposited in the back of a closet, or behind a door.

2. Work it. You don't have to trade off any functionality with your folding bike. The features range anywhere from single speed to a full set of twenty-gears on a folding mountain bike. You'll find models with wheels ranging from eight inches on up to sixteen or twenty inches. Some even feature electrically powered motors, making them an excellent choice for city commuters.

3. Move it. Tired of trying to cram your bike into a crowded commuter train? When the bike rack is full, do you find yourself waiting for the next bus? A folding bike allows you to easily access public transportation, office buildings, restaurants and stores. Just fold up the bike and take it in with you. This solution is not only more convenient, it also reduces the chances of theft or vandalism to your bike.

4. Trust it. Folding bikes benefit from state of the art engineering, so there is no possibility of the bike collapsing while you're riding. You will find that the folding mechanisms are easy, quick, and intuitive, so you don't need an engineering degree yourself to use it.

The bottom line is that folding bikes are the most convenient transportation solution you will find when living in cramped quarters. You can store the bike without taking up precious living area, easily carry it up and down the stairs, take it with you in an elevator, pop it into the trunk of a car, cover it and carry it in a bag, tuck it under your desk at work, and take it with you on an airplane (perhaps even as a carry-on).

The only easier form of transportation would be - well, walking.


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