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April 16, 2020
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10 Tips On Golf Etiquette

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Following the rules of golf etiquette when you are on the golf course will make you much appreciated. Golf has its own rules of behavior, like any other sport, and it will benefit you if you follow them.

1. You should always be on time for your tee appointment. Arrive at the course about half an hour before your tee-off so you have time to park, get your clubs, handle cart rental, and warm up.

2. Call the course and find out about the dress code. Some courses do not allow players to wear jeans or shorts, for example. Others require that you wear golf shoes without spikes. Ask about carrying a cell phone before you hit the course, but leave it behind if possible. While you can set the ringer to silent or vibrate, you still have to talk to answer the phone, and this could bother some players.

3. Establish an order of play before you start. Use a coin-toss method or just decide. It is best to have a plan from the beginning.

4. Remain quiet and still whenever a player in your group is preparing his or her shot, especially if it is a putt. Stay out of the players line of vision.

5. Be careful and watch where you hit the ball. Do not swing the club if there is a risk of hitting another player, and do not hit until you are sure that the ball will not drop onto a group playing in front of you. Always check behind you as you prepare your swing, just to be on the safe side.

6. Always protect the greens by replacing divots and repairing all ball marks. Do not disturb sand traps any more than you have to and then rake them smooth. Exit a sand trap on the shallow side so You will avoid damaging the trap.

7. Be sure that you follow all cart rules. Know the rules for the course you are driving. Courses may prohibit cars on rainy or wet days, and some require the carts to remain on designated pathways. Keep the cart a good distance away from the greens and trees. Do not park in another players way.

8. Do not ruin a players concentration by trying to talk business on the course. It may be done in movies, but in reality, very few business deals are made on the golf course.

9. Keep any betting to a nominal and friendly level to avoid stress and bad feelings.

10. Remember to tip the caddy. Ask someone who plays the course often what the norm is for tipping. Have fun!


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