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October 30, 2020
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Job Outlook for Physical Therapists

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In recent years, the medical profession has become a very popular choice for many people looking for a financially stable and rewarding career. One area that has received a lot of attention is Physical Therapy. A physical therapist is a therapist who treats a physical injury or dysfunction through the use of rehabilitation treatments. Using exercises and rehabilitation equipment, the physical therapist will help patients improve their physical abilities.

Physical therapists work with all age groups, from infants to the elderly. Treatment involves improving mobility, restoring function, alleviating pain, and designing programs that promote health and fitness. Areas of disabilities can include arthritis, lower back pain, head injuries, cerebral palsy, heart disease, and fractures. Therapists measure range of motion, muscle performance, balance and coordination, posture, and motor function. They develop a treatment strategy for the patient that can include electrical stimulation, hot packs or cold compresses, ultrasound, as well as deep tissue massage. The objective is to improve how a person functions at work and at home. Physical therapists also show patients how to do exercises at home.

Physical therapists often consult and practice with a variety of other medical professionals and can treat a wide range of ailments. Some therapists specialize in such as sports medicine, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, and physical and cardio therapy.

It is estimated that the employment prospects for physical therapists is expected to increase 27 percent from 2006 to 2016. As well, the demand for physical therapists should continue to increase as new and innovative treatment techniques are expanded to include physical therapy treatments. An increasing number of individuals with physical limitations, traumatic physical injuries, as well as physical disabilities are also putting physical therapists in greater demand.

Another reason why job prospects are good for physical therapists is that the baby-boomer generation is reaching the primary age for heart attacks and strokes resulting in an increased demand for cardiac and physical rehabilitation. As well, the increasing elderly population is creating a greater demand for physical therapy services.

New medical developments have resulted in an increased survival rate among trauma victims which has resulted in an increased demand for physical therapy as a recovery aid. Because of innovative technology, many conditions that once could not be treated are now being treated successfully. Physical therapy is part of the innovative therapy techniques. As well, more employers are using physical therapists to consult with regarding the establishment of exercise programs, assessing worksites for safety issues, and teaching safe work practices.

Areas where job prospects look good include sports medicine, orthopedics, retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

To become a physical therapist, one must graduate with a master's or doctoral degree from a physical therapist educational program. Courses include physics, biology, and chemistry, as well as specific courses such as human growth and development, disease identification and progression, neuroanatomy, and examination and therapy procedures.

Employment of physical therapists is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. It is a medical career that is both lucrative and personally gratifying.


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